With our inception in the Mid 2017, we at KRISAT Educare Foundation are just taking baby steps towards our dream of achieving appreciable opportunities of education for the underprivileged children and ample health and social care facilities for our elderlies.

Hence, we would like to call out to anyone and everyone relates to these causes, to offer your help and support, in any capacity that you can! With KRISAT Educare Foundation, you can choose to –

1. Volunteer – Register with us, and we will get in touch with you regarding all our activities and undertakings so that you can be a part of them.

2.Collaborate – Whether you work for an NGO, or are a freelance social worker, we would love to collaborate with you for the causes we believe in.

3.Donate – You can feel free to forward donations in the form of cash or kind, and we will make sure that your offerings are put to the best use possible!