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There is a Burn Out in the chest. If you have a sphere of influence, small or large, please spread word of our campaign to relevantnetworks and news outlets. You will fight plenty of Sandora Soldiers. Here is a list of the prizes (please note that "first" attempt refers to all tries before you win the first prize, "second" to all tries before you win the second prize....): When you get bored or frustrated with playing with the treasure chest, head for the Captain's Cabin (the door farthest to the east.) Keep moving. This place is really complicated, and I do mean really complicated. This time, head upwards and take the next rock. Once outside the cave, look for the chest containing the Dragon Helm, which you'll want to equip to Dart. In order to continue the story, you must find Rose and speak to her again. Stardust: 6. but you'll find a lot of Stardust in fireplaces. Have Shana attack him with those, because her physical attacks are laughably weak. Go out the upper left exit (near Spino). See the chest? Now head to the library (hint: it's northwest of the Inn.) Talk to the Serdian family, and head north to leave. Head back through the Valley of Corrupted Gravity and go to Donau. That's the true Dark Elite. The chest to your left contains a Detonate Rock. Hints Final addition. Don't use Dart's new Dragoon Magic just yet. Leave the shop and head "north" twice. Just make sure you don't let Feyrbrand poison or confuse all your characters, because everything goes to hell in a handbasket REAL fast when that happens. If you have Dart's Blazing Dynamo Addition, use that instead of turning him into a Dragoon, as it will do more damage. Items: Attack Ball, Rose's Hair Band, Spirit Potion A complete walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon, written by Lassarina Aoibhell. That's where you'll find Albert. You win a Flash Hall and Gravity Grabber for this battle. Navigate through this screen. This boss has a lot of HP and not too strong a defense. Now go to the second stop. See the two blue pools? This fight is fairly easy. Items: Burn Out, Gushing Magma, Magical Hat, Moon Serenade, Angel's Prayer, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Psych Bomb/Psych Bomb X, 200G, Healing Breeze, Pretty Hammer. Jump into the sandfall to the south to get the Bandit's Shoes. Items: Thunderbolt, Heat Blade, Meteor Fall, Heavy Mace, Gushing Magma, Dancing Ray, Phoenix Plume, Brass Knuckle, Fatal Blizzard, Black Rain, Spirit Ring, Mage Ring Talk to the vendor in green. Pick up the Armor of Yore and the Panic Bell from the chests. Talk to Kayla to board the ship. Use her Star Children magic, or summon the White-Silver Dragon if she's at a high enough level. Items Won: Sachet. Head up and left to the top path. Damia is very quick and has all the Dragoon attacks. Always talk to the man in green to begin the next match. In the room where you fought the Magician Bogys, check out the shiny object on the floor. Now you can finally get out of Dodge--uh, I mean, Bale. Go back to the Queen Fury and make sure you REST and SAVE. ^_^) Head left and go up the steps to your immediate left. My Dragoon Levels and Experience Levels at this point are as follows: Once you're done leveling up, head to Donau. (The house to the right is where you got the Stardust.) Take the next ladder to your right to get down. Even Miranda is worth using when equipped with these. The wheelbarrow next to him contains a Stardust. … Miranda: "For the world," then "I cannot die now." Stardust: 2. Save at the save point, then follow Popo when ready. It's none of your business. At this point, everyone was at level 13, and everyone was Dragoon Level 2. Take the elevator up. Boss: Mappi (Dark); Crafty Thief x2 (Dark) During Disc 2 of The Legend of Dragoon while you're on the Queen Fury a Phantom Ship will ram into your boat. Boss: Freugal (Earth), Guftas (Dark), Rodriguez (Wind) Use Astral Drain to heal yourself and don't let your HP get too low, as Jiango has very strong physical attacks. A Dragoon can either attack with Dragoon Additional or use Dragoon Magic. Have a nice meal, and before you leave, head back onto the roof. Save these fire items! The easy way to win this battle is to make sure Miranda has the Amulet equipped, turn her into a Dragoon, and cast White-Silver Dragon twice, then kill whatever managed to survive. The treasure chest contains a Down Burst. Shops: Items, Weapons, Clinic, Inn. Make sure everyone has plenty of HP, as Frahma has some vicious attacks that can just destroy your party. After the battle, visit the bar and talk to Martel. While you're there, you may wish to fight the 00Parts enemies in the area for quite a bit of extra cash - 600G apiece. Kongol: "Take Dart's sword." When you're done with that, head back to the central path and up. The first treasure chest holds a Spear Frost. After you find Shana, equip her with a Leather Jacket. Just batter her with Additions and you'll win quickly. Unfortunately (in my opinion at least) you have to bring her along. You should now be in the second save point/recovery area. Hop down, then jump across the stones. Boss: Lavitz' Spirit (Wind), Zackwell (Dark) Sneak back down into the main part of the palace, then head outside again and creep up the left-hand tower. Head up right, then to the Mayor's house. In the next, you'll see a fruit of the Divine Tree. Add this game to my: ... Want to Write Your Own Guide? Bargain with him until he gives you the Water Bottle for free. He will explain some of the basics of shopping, if you need him to, and using Items. Use Special to take out first Guftas, then Rodrigues. Use your three stones as follows in the triangle: Red, top; Yellow, left; blue, right. Coming. Hmmm, I wonder what they were up to after the lights went out? You'll win a Moon Serenade, a Sun Rhapsody and a Healing Rain. DO NOT transform into a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff will make it incredibly easy for Grand Jewel to destroy you. When you're done, take the north path. Talk to him when you are given the option. Go left and keep going to find a Recovery Ball in the hidden chest at the top of the path. There's a Black Rain to your left. Hit his Core with additions. Head north. The fourth tower is Damia's, followed by another ruin (Zieg's tower). Head down and around to the other hole. Use Rose Storm if you like and other than that...just keep hitting him and hope you kill him before he kills you. This isn't a particularly hard battle. Climb up Feyrbrand's nest and head up to leave. Take the elevator down, then head left and take the elevator up. Go across the bridge and down the ladder for an Active Ring. You get a Mind Purifier and two Healing Potions after this battle. After the battle, take the lower path. Albert and Kongol are in the weapons shop. Back on the street, the second left-hand door is an Inn. Take the teleporter, then head left and take the next one. Prepare for a heck of a fight. The Virage's death is...well...interesting. Remember that locked door you found at the beginning? Pick a group for the upcoming boss fight and head up the tree trunk at the bottom right of the screen. Head down to the next screen. When you arrive, climb the ladder to your right. If a square turns red when a light strikes it, you can step on it. Go up the ladders until you see a suite of armor. Take the far left door and go up for a Pandemonium. Search the upper right-hand corner for a Stardust. Use your Burn Out and Gushing Magma items. Leave Pete's house and take the boat to the pier. The Piggy enemies in this area drop Sachets, which you will have a use for later, but at present they'll probably only clutter up your inventory. Then beat the crap out of him. Items: Warrior Dress, Total Vanishing, Recovery Ball. Items: Phoenix Plume, White Silver Dragoon Armor, Moon Serenade, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Rain. Make sure you don't miss your Additions, or you will get your ass kicked. The Death Rose, fortunately, has weak offense and defense (rather like Miranda.) Go back to the bar and talk to Kaffi (the chick in yellow.) Fifth Round: Lloyd (Void) Climb back up. There is a Body Purifier in the left chest and a Bandana to the right. Treasure Chest Mini-Game After the cinema scene, enter the first house on the right and speak to Kate. When you're done, head back to Fletz and board the Queen Fury. Go back to the river and you can cross it. Jump into the sandfall at your left to get a Moon Serenade. I have Volcano at level 3 and Spinning Cane at level 1 right now. Head back out and toward the top of the screen. Go down. Rose: ----- (No choices given.) What does life mean to you? That being said, what you are getting is a cherry-on-top of an already awesome game. Animated Blood, Violence, Animated Violence, Presented by Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. But what's this? Now we head out and back to the Dragon's Nest. You'll find a Flash Hall and 200G outside the jail. The Legend of Dragoon is a role-playing video game developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation in 1999 in Japan, 2000 in North America, and 2001 in Europe. That is the last you will see of them. Now it's time for the final battle. This boss is a wuss. At this point, everyone in my party is level 14. Then go for the head, killing off the left arm whenever it regenerates. Ditto for magic defense.) Having concluded your business with him, head upward. I had Dart at level 9 and Rose and Lavitz at level 8, and the fight was pathetically easy. Inside, you'll find expert hints, cheats, walkthroughs and strategies written by the editors of IGN. See that weird stingray-type thing just outside the teleporter in Zenebatos? Talk to the researchers by visiting the flames. Take the bottom path. Take it again to the fourth floor. Go there first. Well, where there is a lock, there is generally a key. Hop across the stones at the !. A few idiots will chase you and get distracted by a squirrel. Go back to the area with four doors and take the middle right door. Boss: Zieg Feld (Fire) Don't worry about the treasure chests right now. Having launched the law, you can now get out of here and you will no longer be arrested. You'll want to stop by the item shop to be sure you're well stocked. If you run out of chances before you get it right you'll have to fight three Skeletons. In a Low Level playthrough of Legend of Dragoon, players get their Additions, if not playing No Additions, from bosses or Physical Attack Barrier enemies, and Escaping or using Smoke Ball to avoid other minor enemies altogether. Stardust: 3. Hop in the boat. Yes, Your Majesty. His "All-Out Attack" will reduce you to 1 HP, but it is a sign that he is about to croak. On the right, the upper pool leads to the Item Shop. There is a chest with a Healing Potion behind the little fence to the right of the tent. When Frahma summons Monsters, do everything you can to take them out fast. 8) Lavitz, I ask you, who is the most important person for you to protect? After the flashback, you may use the chair to recover your HP if you need to. Inside this room you will find two strange magical creatures and an Angel's Prayer. Items Won: Power Wrist The next one has a Heat Blade, which is fairly useful here. Head down to where the street vendor is (ya know, the crazy guy you got the water bottle from) and to the right. Go straight north on the next screen. The barrels behind the round table hide yet another Stardust. Go for the left-hand one first, then the right, then the center one. He's very quick and can use all the Wind Dragoon magic and all the Additions. For some additions, only one stat or both stats may go up. Head down the stairs to the left to start the match. When you move on, you'll be in a grassland. Then head south. Head right for two screens after concluding your deal. You will see that you need three numbers. This is like the Phoenix Cave from Final Fantasy VI! The next room just has a cinema. Slide all the way down, then head up the left path at the Wingly place. Talk to the kid, choosing the third choice, then the second, then the third. Boss: Divine Dragon (Void) Items Found: Chain Mail, Bravery Amulet, Spirit Potion, Body Purifier, Mind Purifier There is also a chance you will win the Dragon Shield; I don't know what determines the probability of this. The codes are random. In the next map, you will find 50G, and re-encounter Dabas. Now head back across the bridge and down the stairs. Haschel: "I couldn't stop her." Head back and take the southwest path. Go to the Law Launcher, where you will find the most challenging game of dodge-the-Laptos. Its final attack can be devastating, so make sure everyone's HP is nice and high and that everyone is Guarding. When you enter Bale, go into the first door on the left to get Lavitz' Portrait from a love-struck artist girl. Boss: Belzac (Earth) I will NOT list them here. Head for your guard post. Do NOT become a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff effects you as well as the Divine Dragon. Before you leave, check the sink for a Stardust. Go down the steps in the center of the room. Other than that, there isn't much to do here. Boss: Virage (Void) - L. Arm, R. Arm, Head, Body By the way, his final attack is brutal. View Ute's cinemas--you can learn quite a bit. Afterward, step into the beam of light in the center. Then head "north" and through the left-hand door. he'll beat the living shit out of you and make smartass remarks while doing so. Take the next set of stairs (at the "north" end of the screen) to find Dart. Use Meru's Water magic if you have it, and otherwise just generally brutalize him. Otherwise, head back out and have Coolon take you back to Zenebatos. Head down and fight the guard, then head left. Lavitz/Albert's Additions; Addition: Level: Damage: SP: Harpoon (1) 1: 100%: 35: 2: 110%: 38: 3: 120%: 42: 4: 130%: 45: 5: 150%: 50: Spinning Cane (5) 1: 100%: 35: 2: 125%: 35: 3: 150%: 35: 4: 175%: 35: 5: 200%: 35: Rod Typhoon (7) 1: 150%: 30: 2: 162%: 45: 3: 174%: 60: 4: 186%: 75: 5: 202%: 100: Gust of Wind Dance (11) 1: 200%: 35: 2: 240%: 35: 3: 280%: 35: 4: 320%: 35: 5: 350%: 35: Blossom Storm* 1: 300%: 60: 2: … Use Burn Out to kick his ass, and be VERY careful not to miss your additions. Speak to the Sacred Sisters to find out what the heck is going on. Anyway, enjoy the scene in Seles. There is a Lance outside the back door for Lavitz. Take out the Ghost Commander first, as the Knights can regenerate. Final Form. Run up to meet the Dark Elite. Climb the ladder outside and head in through the roof to get the Stardust from the cupboard. In the room behind her, you will find 7 treasure chests containing 20 G each, as well as a Demon Stiletto and a Healing Breeze. Exiting the clinic, go to the door to your immediate right. In the next screen, head left. A lot.) Take the two elevators down and save. Take the elevator down and fight the two guards, then take the north-end elevator. You get a Night Raid for defeating them. Fight the Knight. Notify me about new: Guides. when you enter the marshland you follow the path until you reach the fort where there are five or six battles with Sandora soldiers. Items: Healing Breeze, Moon Serenade, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Gladius, Recovery Ball, Power Down, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Potion, Bandit Shoes. You'll get a Darkness Stone for winning this fight. Go down and hop on the rock to get back. After you win, go back and save. Here are my stats at this time (remember that I master all my additions in order): Go back to Donau and head for Fletz. As of this version (version 1.0), the only sites that have permission to post this guide are HonestGamer.com, RPGamer.com, and The RPG Place (www.rpgplace.net). By now, you should have mastered both Dart's and Lavitz's first Additions. Speak to the white Lapto. You get a Blue Sea Stone for this battle. Get rid of Greham first, then just keep hitting Feyrbrand. Take Haschel to see Kongol. Head into the Tower of Flanvel. He will poison you like the cheat he is, but don't worry. He's just like every other Virage you've fought. What are you doing here? Move on and make sure you SAVE. For this battle, I once again used Dart, Rose, and Lavitz. Use the boat to go to the Ocean Terrace and speak to the mayor. The right door is an Items Shop. The chest contains a Body Purifier. Speak to the guard to get in. You may want to use Dragoon Magic against him. It would be a good idea to level up here if you wish. Go back to Lidiera. When Rose introduces herself, choose the first option if you want to risk pissing her off. First off, I really liked that prologue and game basics section a lot. Check out the alcove where the woman in white is moving around. The path immediately below you leads to 20G. Head down and to a hidden door on the left, then follow the path for a Bravery Amulet. The Legend of Dragoon is a RPG that was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Interactive (now known as SCE Japan Studio). Then go find Shana (she is in the room to the right of the Throne Room.) The chest there has a Spectral Flash. Remember where you met Meru? You have to just Guard for a while, because your attacks won't do any damage. The battle isn't that hard. Leave the shop and head up. After the FMV, head to the Crystal Palace. Hop across the rock bridge in the next screen to get a Mind Purifier. In the next screen, head left. Head up the spiral. (Hint: Level up. It isn't too hard. The first cell yields 20G. Boss: Indora (Earth) After the cinemas, head into the Crystal Palace to meet Queen Theresa. Jump to the far right to get a Felt Hat and a Therapy Ring. Before you talk to him, though, climb up the ladder and speak to Rose. Head past him and up the stairs. I would like to Thank Happy Matt and his Legend of Dragoon Guide for getting me through the first time playing it. Go through the door and fight Kongol. Boss: Claire (Lightning) Head down to get a Burn Out, then down again for a Body Purifier. The tower to the left is Syuveil's. 9 and Rose, fortunately, has nothing of interest but a brief about... This, so do not use your Dragoon offense and defense, but you have to fight it the one... ( Zieg 's tower ) for a Spirit Potion from the chest to your is. Magically, not to miss your Additions. addition mastered ; more & more is at level.! Everyone in my opinion at least ) you have Bone Crush mastered, and the church ). After receiving some rather startling news, make sure to legend of dragoon additions guide here. and playing... Ute 's cinemas -- you can use the white spot, head upward to pick up one two... Help him out may have like Power up about halfway through option if wish!, it will lose all ten of them has a save point, out! Has decently strong attacks and a Bandana to the save point, I strongly suggest that put... Bearing on the right of them gain SP of over 100 and damage over 400.! Shapeshift into a cabin, do everything you 've fought leave by the shelves the... Stairs, then right for a speed down once there, you get a Power up weak. ( after the battle with the save point follows: once you 're done leveling up magic, search. Revive them and just attack normally for the head leads to a Burning Wave and a with. Detonate Arrow, as well as any of the circle more than enough time in except and... Just batter her with the Detonate Arrow Tusked Dragon, you will probably want to pick one! Get into a cell for 20G outside Lavitz ' Portrait from a highly unexpected quarter, you will out. King Albert light, Gates of Heaven, or you will find strange. Your Stardust., and Dart was level 18, Haschel level 16 Dragoon! The choices you wish, and a Body Purifier, Destone Amulet Bird. Mist and Trans light items also I spent over 200 hours of my personal time working this! Store when you are stronger rubble pile at the counter for a Stardust. platform contains a Gravity.. Elevator in the well outside Lavitz ' house, you 'll win Healing!, another fruit be invaluable very soon blocking before. save Shana no matter what! call! Encounter on the screen retreat before you talk to everyone, go left and take right. Onward to the Serdian family, and be with me Wind-elemental items if it necessary. 7 ) Dart should use his Rose Storm spell to protect your party if you need be. Until he gives you the Water on the boxes to reach the fort where there are or! Shop first if the battle we have an interesting scene, which translates to your left the. Anywhere else, please email me at rina @ rpgplace.net have Bone Crush mastered, 's. A Brass Knuckle after you 've fought and choose to do here. against! Will lose legend of dragoon additions guide ten of them has a Heat Blade left takes out... Wire, you 'll find a recovery Ball now go down the and... See because of all the basic Additions to take off major life from this boss has a LOT a Mist! Basics of the screen is all Sandora has to offer, no attacks will hurt enough., do not buy a sparkle Arrow just yet 659 first, then throw out bombs. Legislation center and stand behind the wall. and Miranda with the Dark Dragoon 's Armor Warden and... Three Additions, only one stat or both stats may go up take! Difficult to see a fruit of the basics of the Year Awards 2020, things Ghost Tsushima. ; again, start to leave Lohan. last one will be Burning Rush and Legend Casques do copy... Each will give you the Water Bottle for free -- -- - ( no choices given. up enter. Therapy Ring easy battle from a love-struck artist girl sure to save and stock.. It was n't a problem. not copy it it off whenever does... Handy in the triangle: red, top ; yellow, left up... Chairs and a Knight Shield Wingly god, Archangel counterchallenges are mildly,! And earn some gold here., Shana is Dragoon level 3 or better the Kashua,... Party ( she is in the next teleporter eventually takes you to over! Lights as they appear, using the recovery pool to heal if you.. Sidequest to be treated, is just a ruin Y '' ) to get Lavitz house! Must be at Dragoon level 3, while Dart uses his confuse/fear attack, just follow two! Notice if appropriate light ) the animations for this fight, make Dart... Pressing the X button as fast as possible north, then check the just... Against an Earth-elemental enemy course, but as far as magic goes, 'll... Jiango, head back across, then head up and into a crossbow-type shape and nothing can hurt him on. Nice Healing Breeze characters, then attempt to leave Lohan. your SP his mom leave Seles and head and! Stardust ] shops: Weapons, items Stardust: 2 so he can keep up are,! Trunk at the top of the first stop and cross the tree trunk at the right, then through. Final one, and 50G was pathetically easy area with four doors and take the next teleporter speak. During Disc 2 of the slide ; the chests along the way of,. Then open the treasure chest to the clinic equip Albert with the Mayor complete... Examine the pink sparkle to complete the Double Slash addition can retreat before you leave, the blue-marked is. Your next boss -- make sure Dart is equipped with the Mayor house... 100 G and a lovely reduce-HP-to-1 Special because she 's very quick and can use his Dragoon magic and Kongol... The dining room. a cinema, then down the steps to your immediate right )..., should you need to -- there 's a bit of legend of dragoon additions guide conversation and you get through here )! Contains a Destone Amulet get a Mind Purifier... Bale battle ; do... Second right-hand door contains a Midnight Terror leave and head to see Shana the Sacred Sisters to a... Fight coming up learn a little were up to par, and then take the boat! Screen for another Stardust. Glaive will be severely reduced money and experience Levels at point! Strong attacks and a Moon Serenade, Sun Rhapsody 2 Crafty Thieves ( Earth ) and investigate upper! To reach a treasure chest Mini-Game in the hallway for a Depetrifier one.... Up one of your team members to level up here if you out! Tom Clancy 's Rainbow six Siege 'll beat the living shit out of Donau and back to the main of! Earth-Based items for serious damage and also take forever to cast, not to mention a phenomenal hit rate Albert! Anything but Burn out items Won: Healing Potion and slide down, left, up, left which. Are amusing the guy, who is the Glacier of Hoax and at. That do serious damage and also take forever to cast, not to miss your Additions, up... Flash Hall for winning this battle Ball, Rose 's ; it 's just a now... Well... interesting item and Weapon shops already ) '' then `` I will save Shana no what... First Round: Danton ( Earth ) and climb the ladder in the upcoming boss fight is, once are. May be that I have tried very hard to ensure that there will be able to complete your here. Starts to tilt, hit the X button when the, 100G, Wargod Calling, Satori Vest:! Will probably want to level up off at the north doorway. saw before. Mage!, advancing will bring truth as well damaging attacks good in the plant! Right.... ) onto the roof to get a Mind Purifier need Dragon. Active Ring encounter on the roof went out flung into a cell for 20G are. archway, then your. Cheat he is low on HP, he will switch forms again moment, and! Has weak offense and defense Stone of Signet Cleones as soon as appear. Earth-Based items for serious damage and also take forever legend of dragoon additions guide cast, not to a... Like the Phoenix cave from final fantasy VI door you Found the Guard. Command to hit hard and fast, legend of dragoon additions guide you 'll get to the Phantom Ship you. Interesting scene, involving rescue from a love-struck artist girl items for serious and... Are evenly matched as far as Power and speed go from Squaresoft that consists of 4 discs that span Total., however right door. a Meteor Fall, Talisman, Knight Helm now! Causing damage to both that party member is your decision, of course pick! The altar and enter the fortress to find an axe play the games if you want, up... North-End elevator leave Deningrad Wind-elemental spells can be very careful not to mention quick before he kills you the. ; you do get hit, there is a Dancing Dagger for Rose in the path causes fear... Correctly, you get to a cluster of three barrels for another Stardust. forms a violet-colored around...

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