Based out of Faridabad, at KRISAT Educare Foundation, we aim to get involved in the following initiatives-

• Education and Awareness

It is our immediate objective to provide destitute children with primary education. We also aim to ensure that the younger generation is fully aware of basic aspects of life such as sanitation and healthcare and their right to free education, amongst others.

• Elderly Care

In the present day society, the older generation is witnessing a vacuum due to negligence by the children and families. We aim to bring back the lost spark in their life by creating and engaging them in a host of activities. However, providing them with healthcare facilities will be our primary objective.

• Linking the Two Ends

In line with the popular ‘Granny Teaches the Young’ and the ‘Grandmother Project’, we at KRISAT Educare Foundation also wish to bring the two ends of the spectrum – i.e. the young and the ageing, on one platform. We believe that together, they can change the world for the better!