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Welcome to a world of nurtured childhood and rewarding elderliness!

Children are God’s most wondrous blessing and the nation’s future. On the other hand, elders are our ideals, they are the guides who help us find our paths in life! Unfortunately, both of these pillars of society often fall prey to negligence and in some cases obliviousness.

With KRISAT Educare Foundation, we aim to change the scenario. It is our sincere endeavour to extend our help and support to underprivileged children by offering them an opportunity to learn and become aware of the world that surrounds them. When it comes to the elderlies, we wish to provide them with the requisite healthcare and upkeep facilities, so that they can spend the golden days of their life in a manner that is not only comfortable but highly gratifying as well.

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In line with the popular ‘Granny Teaches the Young’ and the ‘Grandmother Project’, we at KRISAT also wish to bring the two ends of the spectrum - i.e. the young and the ageing, on one platform. We believe that together, they can change the world for the better!

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